Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Time

Okay, I've finally set up my food blog. It's been years that I've talked about doing this, but never did anything about it. Maybe I thought it would be a bigger deal than it actually is. Maybe slapping my writing up online for the world to see felt too scary. And maybe I was just too lazy. Whatever my reasons for procrastinating, today I felt compelled to take the plunge.

My local library shared its WiFi with me and the deed was over and done with in five minutes. I was ready and the time felt right, so I did it. So this is the big deal everyone's been going on about? Do I look different? I thought I'd feel different. I guess blogging is just another one of those coming-of-age moments that seems terrifying until you get there. It feels awkward and my inexperience will surely come through. But at least the hardest part is over. It really wasn't that tough at all.

I'm told it will get better and better. Thank goodness! In the meantime, please be gentle.

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