Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chicken, Waffles, and Heaven on Earth

Friends who truly know and love you will often know and love your favorite food. Last week, two of Brooklyn's newest tenants took me out in their new neighborhood of Carroll Gardens.

Two words: Buttermilk Channel.

I'm a beer girl, but the guys had a Westlake and a Fair Harbor. And then the food started coming.

Melt in your mouth popovers:

Grilled flatbread:

Green tomato soup with grilled cheese:

And my entree, fried chicken with cheddar waffles. Oh my goodness.

Dandelion salad:

Abe got the veggie waffle plate:

May I please have an extra tub of syrup?

No, really.

When I'm with these boys, there's always room for dessert. Even when there isn't.

I'm not really sure what was in front of me, I just ate it. Caramelized banana bread pudding.

I will house-sit for these boys any day or night to be this close to perfect chicken.


  1. oh my! I'm so glad you got to see Frank and Abe....AND have my mom's! I haven't ever been able to replicate them and your photos make me miss them!!!

  2. My lovely Mindy, I hope to see you soon when I pass through Chicago. The blog has been quiet- my computer has retired and I'm in the throes of moving. Can't wait for you to meet Sammy!