Saturday, October 17, 2009

From One Blogger to Another

Last night I went to meet a friend for a glass of wine at Ravenous in Healdsburg. Handwritten menus, votive candles softly flickering, and a tiny dining room all added to the intimate vibe of the place- the perfect place for a new blogger to be primed by a seasoned one.

And so I was, by Jenna Weber of Eat, Live, Run. We met a couple weeks ago at the Zin lunch at Michel-Schlumberger and I couldn't wait to pick her brain about writing, food, and setting up a successful blog. Hers has been going for over two years and gets hundreds of hits daily, and has also paved the way for published articles and magazine press. Mine started a couple months ago, and it's still working out its kinks.

We split the cheese plate (since when have I ever been able to say no to cheese?). I haven't done a lot of wine and cheese pairing, but my Cab from Dry Creek went well with the crotin spread on walnut bread with grapes.

I lamented my glacial pace at posting, technical difficulties and having no followers. Jenna, who inspired me to take my blog more seriously upon our meeting, listened with patience and encouragement. It is a relief to have colleagues to go to for help. I went away with new found enthusiasm and focus. Finding excuses not to post is the easiest thing is the world- as much as I love to write, I would rather give in to any distraction than to expose my vulnerability on the page. The biggest challenge with writing is to simply sit down and do it.

As much as I wanted tea and sympathy, I hardly expected to find it from a self-made writer and highly motivated woman like Jenna. She could have balked at my whining and told me to stop feeling sorry for myself- I was probably asking for it. Truly, our talk made me realize that the best writers show empathy, openness, and support for each other.

The only thing that could be better than tea and sympathy is wine and cheese with a new friend.

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