Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Whiskey

Tonight was another night of whiskey and throwing together several friends in San Jose. We sampled Wild Turkey's new American Honey, courtesy of an old friend from high school who works at a bar and gets to reap the benefits of sample bottles. An added bonus was a long lost camp friend meeting us from Santa Cruz.

We met up at Rock Bottom Brewery at the prune yard for brews and grub. I wolfed down a Tex-Mex inspired Laredo Burger with my Brown Bear Brown. Several beers in, we also discovered a controversial food pairing- macaroni and cheese dipped in gravy. It's not for everyone, especially the faint of heart.

We broke into the American Honey and got ready to mellow out. I am a huge whiskey enthusiast and I give it two stars out of four. It wasn't a bad whiskey, but the flavor was a bit strong and I am much more into the natural whiskeys. I'm a Maker's girl, mostly, but Jameson or Bushmills are also good choices. If you aren't a serious whiskey person, this could be a good gateway whiskey.

Sipping on a whiskey is a great alternative to opening a great bottle of wine- best shared among friends. Drink up.

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