Monday, October 5, 2009

Like Water for Metal

It’s not a common occurrence for me to buy into trends. I’m usually last on the bandwagon to even hear about the new gadgets, let alone buy them. I bypassed the whole Nalgene thing. I like my water, but don’t feel the need to buy the bottled stuff. I operate directly from the bubbler (that’s a drinking fountain for those of you who don’t have Wisconsin roots), or refill a 7up bottle from the tap if I’m feeling fancy.

So you can imagine my own surprise when I found myself buying one of those trendy SIGG bottles today. Well, it was a generic one from Old Navy at a fraction of the cost. Is the brand name what really makes the difference?

I gotta say, I'm a little disappointed. I like the sleek design and temperature control of the tough stainless steel material, but I'm afraid the final product suffers because of it. All I can taste is metal. Is the bottle supposed to undergo special treatment before it's used?

It's doubtful that I'll kick my frugality and start buying water by the bottle (and frankly, I can't support the claimed "health benefits" if it means the environment suffers). My poor little water bottle will hopefully improve with age, like a wok or copper pot?

If anyone is SIGG savvy, please clue me in on why my water tastes as industrial as the design.

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  1. Apparently you're supposed to treat the bottle with vinegar to omit the metallic taste. Oops.