Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to Move Your Life- Day 4 with no end in sight

Ugh. Moving is the pits. Since the successful Ikea trip yesterday wedged in between a million other errands didn't allow time to completely assemble the bookshelves, today was not the most productive. My father had to direct a bridge tournament in his retirement community, and having no power tool confidence to assemble solo, the stacks and stacks of books packed away in boxes sat unopened.

We did manage to get the shelves mostly assembled this evening, but the unspoken noise curfew of 8:00 p.m. hit too quickly to finish bolting them to the wall. Hence, not much unpacking. Why is it that anything involved with moving takes a zillion times longer than you think it will?

Tomorrow will be much more productive- another truck day with multiple trips to the storage shed, and this time with the assistance of a dolly! Honestly, what did people do before the wheel?
This whole experience is inspiring me to take note of how easy it is to become overwhelmed by paperwork, junk, and the general amount of information and stuff we are innundated with on a daily basis. My dad received no more than any other average person accumulates- he just decided to keep it.

But I have to give him credit where credit is due: the thing about packrats is that underneath the piles of yard sale knick-knacks and vintage clothing that has yet to make a comeback are some buried treasures. The superman cape my brother wore for Halloween when he was 6, the wooden animal figurines my dad had given to his parents when he was ten, the crappy circus picture I drew in elementary school and thought I'd thrown away ... all that stuff has resurfaced and appreciated in value, while some of the things that seemed so important at one time are now completely worthless.

So we still have 30 boxes of books to unpack, and 8 boxes of papers to organize. So we'll probably have to make several runs to the dump and the Salvation Army to beg anyone else to take the burden off our hands. I guess what makes this move more *fun* than others is not really knowing what exactly we'll find tomorrow. All I know is that I'm going to be wearing that cape while I'm looking.

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