Monday, January 11, 2010


So many tools. So behind on blogging. Is it already mid-January? I'm entering my second week of school learning some trade skills and I'm overwhelmed by the amount of homework and reading ... and math. I've been out of school for almost five years, out of college for almost seven and I'm amazed how quickly you lose that sense of time managment.

So I have to give a huge apology for already, this early into January, BREAKING one of my resolutions. I have to back post a couple in the next day or two. I know, I know ... but the blogging still isn't into my regular routine yet and I've been juggling a lot this past week.

Who knew so much study would be involved with carpentry? I thought I was familiar with the different screwdrivers and my Leatherman, but I was so, so wrong. There are about eight different saws I need to learn, a zillion hammers and clamps, and I have yet to tackle the combination square. Just had my first shop class- I never took that in junior high, so I feel extra behind, since most of the ladies have already worked on sight. I can wrap my head around reading blueprints, but for each little new detail I can wedge into my memory, I feel like something else important falls out.

Okay, week two. Give me all you've got- I'm still with ya. Hope you're with me, too, and can spare an extra minute to scroll down for old posts this week!

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  1. Missed you girl. So I finally started up my own blog. A little rough but I'm working on it. Check it out.