Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ramen Grows Up

That's right.  I still eat ramen, by choice and not just necessity.  This is one of my college vices I just can't shake because
A) noodles are the greatest food in the world and
B) they're so cheap that even the brokest Brooklyn girl can buy a week's worth for only a buck or two. 

Some people can't stomach it once reaching adulthood- like jello shots, it can take you back to memories of frat houses, poverty, all nighters and malnutrition.  College was a great time in my life, so I love the attached sentiment.

But mostly, I just love noodles.  I was stoked to find Japanese ramen called Neoguri made with udon noodles and with little bits of extra seasonings and vegetables in the package.  Do freeze dried carrots boost the nutritional value? 

Seriously, ramen is absolutely delicious when you add "stuff" to it, like soy sauce, Sriracha hot sauce, and I like throwing in some mixed frozen stir-fry veggies when I've run out of fresh ones. It makes a quick and cheap hot meal. 

Ramen is also special for me because it was the first thing I learned to cook as a kid.  So be proud when you eat it- gussy it up with post-collegiate expertise and see what crazy leftovers in your fridge you can add to it to make a faux pho.

If ramen can grow up, then so can I.

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