Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Midtown Monday

I love New York. And when I start to forget why, something will accidentally remind me. Last night, a dead cell phone led me to Midtown. When it couldn't be fixed, frustration led me to Bryant Park.

I LOVE Bryant Park. It is such a wonderful open space on the most crowded street in Manhattan. Though sandwiched between Grand Central and Times Square on 42nd Street, it's surprisingly not obnoxious. I prefer it so much to Union Square, because it serves the public as a place of leisure and not a place of stress and shopping.

Take the pond. It is transformed into a free ice rink in the winter, and an open lawn in the summer for yoga classes, movies and more.

Throw in a fountain that turns into a huge ice cube when the holidays hit. Add some Parisian cafe tables and chairs for people watchers and chess players. Plant some twisted beech trees, and in the spring, tulips and daffodils.

Hang a sliver of a moon in a black sky and let the lights of the city be the stars. Trust me, they will help you find your way.


  1. Nice poetic description of people, trees, and flowers. Don't you wish it was Spring?

  2. Love this, Sydney. So glad that I can follow a bit of your life.
    I've been in New York once, for 48 hours, for a conference at the New York Times. Thankfully that lasted only one day. The second day a friend took me on a whirlwind tour. Loved it.

    When we visited your dad a couple of weeks ago we had been in the door for, ... what... two minutes? and he was showing us the latest pictures of you. Had a great visit with him. Sorry we missed you this fall when we were east, but we really weren't near N.Y. and besides, you were visiting your dad. It will happen.


  3. Thank you for the pictures. You're right about Bryant Park.