Monday, January 4, 2010

Eggnog and Broomsticks

Woohoo! Today is the day I'm reunited with my beloved roommate and longtime friend, Bessie! We have been traveling on opposite schedules for nearly five months and I am at my wit's end.

When you've had a zillion different roommates and living situations (including living with a rat in your room), there's a point where you're ready to live alone. I'm there, but I'm not quite ready to separate from Bessie, who knows, tolerates, and probably even loves all my weird idiosyncrasies. And today she's coming home!

Bessie and I have been roommates in the same apartment for over three years. She's been my only constant roommate in New York and I can't imagine living with anyone else. I also can't imagine anyone else tolerating me to the point that she does.

Our usual routine after a separation is to scrub our apartment from floor to ceiling while watching the BBC's version of Pride and Prejudice, drinking Blue Moons and eating popcorn.

I'm also looking forward surprising her with homemade eggnog. It's pushing the end of the eggnog season, but I love it and I'm itching to try out this recipe from TLC, which claims it's the perfect eggnog.

I can't finish the holiday season without an eggnog success story. I tried Alton Brown's version a few days ago. It was delicious, but it called for separating the eggs and whipping them each. I had a rough time with it because I did it all manually- at least my whisk and wrist got a workout!

The TLC version has the eggs neither separated, nor beaten furiously for 45 minutes, so my hopes are high for a lower maintenance nog.

It will be go nicely with the instant gratification of a clean house and two Brooklyn girls who are finally home together at last.

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