Friday, March 26, 2010

Running in Heels- The Test

Okay, we've got a problem here.

Last night I got dolled up and went out with friends. I went out of my comfort zone and put on makeup, straightened my hair- I even went as far as to put on a fresh shirt after work. This was huge for me, but it didn't seem like enough. So I put on heels.

It didn't go so well.

My friends know I am up for anything. I have no problem embarrasing myself. I will take just aboout any dare. I love challenging myself, both physically and mentally. I have trekked the Himalayas, gone swimming with jellyfish in Halong Bay (did I mention I can't really swim?), learned to ride a bike in Vietnam, and will eat anything put in front of me (maybe with the exception of breast milk cheese, as noted in an earlier post).

But put a pair of high heels on me and I am the biggest wimp. I stumbled through the bar before I'd even had a drink. I whined and moaned for a seat, and then whined and moaned about how much my feet hurt. Then I hobbled ten incredibly painful blocks home on tender, blistered, and very angry feet. I've found my achilles heel, literally.

How is this possible? I am a well-travelled, independent, strong woman who has lived in multiple states across the country. I'm a cosmopolitan, for crying out loud! I'm a savvy, independent, dynamic New Yorker- excuse me, Brooklynite.

Who looks like a drunk giraffe when she puts on heels.

This just will not do.

As my duty to empowered, confident women everywhere, I vow to learn how to do this impossible feat. I won't wear flats again until I can wear heels with poise and walk at least two blocks without complaining. To the women who are already there, you are amazing.

Even though it's a self-inflicted torture comparable to foot binding. And one more obstacle and injustice for women to face. I will make myself do it.

Maybe I'll just try it for a few days and see if I survive the weekend.

So who wants to go out?

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  1. The secret is Quality. I own many heels of which I rarely pay much for and then don't wear cause they hurt or on occasion suffer through wearing them. But I hear you fork out a few (hundred) extra dollars and you can actually find comfy ones. The real question is how can I afford all the cute ones when 1 comfy pair is going to cost me an arm and a leg? Rumor is check out Cole Haan. They have grouped with Nike to create a heel that feels like a sneaker. I haven't been able to fork out the money for a pair but if my frugal Syd could own one nice quilty pair it just might change her heel wearing attitude:)