Sunday, March 28, 2010

What Real Women are Made Of

I've learned a few things from this little high heel challenge for the weekend. First, that walking in heels is really hard, which leads me to realize that being a woman can be pretty hard at times, too.

That led me to ponder on what is difficult about being a woman (it wasn't any of the things that you fellas would guess). As I finally admit I'm a grown woman and start loosening my grip on being a girl, here are some of the things I've realized about being a woman that other ladies could benefit from:

-Real women know the difference between really liking someone and being in love. If they're lucky, one day they'll get to feel both at once.

-Real women know how to change a tire themselves, even if they take offered help.

-Real women have set a future plan for themselves before a romantic partner enters the picture.

-Real women know how to look their fears in the eye and wrestle them to the ground.

-Real women will let themselves cry and be vulnerable, but know the time and place.

-Real women support other women instead of cutting them down.

-Real women know at least one defensive block.

-Real women are open to constantly reinventing themselves. And strive for improvement no matter how perfect they already are.

-Real women aren't afraid to get their heart broken. But they won't let it happen too often.

-Real women have at least one dress or skirt that makes them feel beautiful.

-Real women know they are beautiful.

And most importantly:

-Real women don't have to know how to walk in heels. But it sure does help.


  1. Life used to be more simple. Whatever happened to "sugar,spice,and everything nice"?(Boys were "slugs,snails, and puppydog tails".) Of course,ever once in a while I wondered how "sugar,spice,and everything nice" could be so mean, but life is full of unanswerable questions.