Monday, April 19, 2010

Dry Season

I'm thinking about Scotch tonight. Just a little bit.

I thought about it a lot a couple weeks ago when a friend and I enjoyed this:

If you're not super comfortable with the smokey peat flavors, this one is very smooth. I call it a good gateway Scotch.

I would not, however, recommend drinking it all at once. It's meant to be sipped and savored.

And that's not really what my friend and I did.

When you drink an entire bottle of Scotch in one night, a couple things go through your head:

Wow, I'm awesome! This is going to give me some street cred with the heavyweights.

Uhhhh, exactly when did I become a heavyweight?

Because so much of being a twenty-something in New York involves drinking, sometimes you don't even realize how much you're doing it.

When things get a bit stuffy, you open the windows and clear the air. So since Easter, I've been taking a little break from drinking, a reverse Lent, if you will, to try to make up for the fact that I had a million glasses of Scotch with no hangover the next day (thank you, roast chicken dinner).

Honestly? I've barely even noticed. Except tonight, when my new dog, Sammy, is at home while I'm away at my computer, I thought, gee, a little glass of Scotch later sounds good.

Naaah, I'm saving money by staying dry at the moment.

It's always nice to take a little breather from indulgences. And there's that old adage that if you let go of something you love, it will come back to you if it was meant to be. Or you can replace it with a new love.

In the meantime, I'm getting drunk from doggie kisses and walks in the park.

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