Friday, April 23, 2010

Trader Joe's Fails Me

Before I even begin, I must say that I have been fiercely loyal to Trader Joe's. And I always will be. Trader Joe's is not only the most wonderful grocery store (not just in New York, but just about anywhere), it has the friendliest staff, best prices, and best selection of products. Plus, all the store clerks are cute, and will often compliment you on your glasses or t-shirt.

When I go to Trader Joe's, I must stick to my shopping list or things get out of hand. (I am a marketing agency's ideal client and have been known to cave at flavored coffee creamer, unusual ice cream treats, or birthday cakes when it's nobody's birthday.)

I also love junk food and things that are already prepared. I love to cook, but I love to be lazy.

So when I saw this, I got excited and figured it was worth the $1.99 splurge.

Ready in 2 minutes with the help of a microwave. Here's how it looked after I opened it:

The package isn't even halfway full? Why did I think the noodles would expand? I was bummed. If this is punishment for veering off my list, then the lesson is learned.
Good things come in small packages, unless the cute little noodle cart to-go package is less than halfway full. Better things are made from scratch, in larger portions.

I'll still wait in a ridiculously long line that wraps through every aisle in the store, and will continue to endure the vicious old ladies from the Upper East Side plowing through the herd with their shopping carts. I will stay loyal when I'm trapped behind a girl from NYU fighting with her boyfriend on her cell phone- even when the shelves are empty, again.
But I will think twice the next time I'm tempted by the delectable salads and tarte d'alsace and mini quiches, all ready to go with an oven nearby. And I will definitely pay more attention to the fine print at the top- Vegan. Double fail.
(Head in hand.)

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