Saturday, April 3, 2010

Moms to Match My Mountains

Let me tell you some things about my mom. She has been a ski instructor for children and people with disabilities for the past ten years. She makes the greatest scrambled eggs in the universe. She recently got back from the Olympics in Vancouver where she was a radio correspondent, oh, and a couple months before that, she did a cultural exchange to Senegal.

Less than a month ago, she broke her shoulder and drove herself to the doctor. Yeah, she's a feisty one. But that seemed to pale in comparison to our snowshoeing adventure yesterday. It was my first time on snowshoes, and one of her first days getting brisk exercise with the new shoulder in tow (since she has refused the sling, Percoset and other hard drugs since the first days following surgery). We hiked up to views of the Continental Divide, about six miles.

Put a strong woman on snowshoes in the woods and she will go far. Put two strong women in snowshoes together and they will move mountains- or at least climb to the top of them.

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