Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Other Stuff I Ate

I'm back in Brooklyn, back to work, back in action. I miss the food in Colorado- and cooking in a kitchen with more than six inches of counter space.

Today I've been busy uploading photos from my new camera from the past week. See any difference? It's still a point and shoot, but the Canon PowerShot 3000 is a major step up from the Sony CyberShot from four years ago. I just hope it doesn't mind being dropped every now and then.

Here are pics of other things I made.

I cooked my first bison- a pound of tri-tip I threw on the grill with a red wine reduction and garlicky mushrooms.

It made me a very happy woman.

And made terrific leftovers as a wrap with salsa, sour cream, and a hard boiled egg and pickle on the side.

Let's not forget breakfast ...

... Or lunch for that matter. Mom's french toast with grapefruit and a huge cup of strong coffee.

The mountains can really give a girl an appetite!

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