Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Big India in Little Massachusetts

Once in a while it's fun to eat way more than you should, almost to the point of discomfort.* That was the plan today when JP and I headed to Bombay in Lee for an indulgent dinner. I very seldom have the craving, but when I go, I can't imagine anything more satisfying than Indian food.

Here's what we had:
-the Veggie Sampler with Samosas, Bhajia, Medhu Vada (vegetable fritters) and Bhel Poori (puffed rice)
-Bagari shrimp with poori (puffed fried bread)
-Paneer Naan (flatbread with Indian cheese)
-Lamb Phaal (the hottest thing on the menu)
-Dal Makhanni (yellow lentils)
-Steamed rice
If you aren't intimidated by spicy food, phaal is amazing. You can see the chunks of hot peppers in the sauce, while earning mad respect from the chef and waitstaff. And I've always believed in the powers of spice for scaring off threatening colds.
We just managed to stand up to the phaal, but by my last couple bites, I was ready to surrender, both to the heat and to the limits of my stomach capacity. And I forgot I'll be doing the Thanksgiving binge in two days. Oops.

*Not recommended every day.

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