Thursday, November 12, 2009

Deep Dish Chicago

I've been enjoying a delightful couple days to savor being in Chicago. It's the tail-end of autumn here and I'm not missing my winter coat. Hey, and where's the wind? But I'm not complaining about the super mild weather while I'm here.

Last night I got to see Mindy, an old friend from high school who I haven't seen for 10 years! We went out to a pizza joint in Lincoln Park called Bricks, not because of the brick-oven pizza, but for the brick walls of the building. I found that slightly misleading because they advertise themselves as having the best pizza on earth (which insinuates a brick oven), but the pizza was so, so good that I'll let it slide.

Even better was great conversation with a rediscovered friend over dollar draft Schlitz. Since I was drinking Old Style with my uncle the night before, I was right at home with the cheap Wisco beer, that's also the fave at my local watering hole in Brooklyn. (Get ready, Duck, Duck, I'll be back there soon!)

Mindy and I shared a lot of laughs and a large thin crust- half mean green, half red planet. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up. My new favorite thing in the world is discovering a new place with an old friend. It's also a trip to be with someone as a grown-up whom you really knew as kids. When did I start getting so old?

My time in Chicago was too brief, but I was thrilled to have more than a twenty minute stopover. I'm full of family love and two full nights of sleep in a real bed, so I'm ready for the last leg of the train to New York tonight. And I'm hitting up more pizza at the station before I board ... deep dish is at the top of my list, though I refuse to compare it to the thin crust of New York.

I'm almost home!

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