Monday, November 9, 2009

Waking up in Utah

I'm up bright and early after a long night tossing and turning in my chair, negotiating sleep with a crying baby and philosophical 19-year-olds. I never sleep well when I travel, and I'm discovering that I'm a lighter sleeper the older I get.

But I can't complain because I'm in Utah, I have a coffee in my hand, the sun is rising, and the train is so quiet I can hear the clicking of my cell phone keypad. Now I remember why I don't sleep on planes, buses, or cars- I am completely captivated by landscapes.

I can already say this trip is one of the best things I've done for myself in a long time. Everyone should do this at one point or another.

The train culture is so open and laid back. One minute, I'm having a chat about dogs with a retired couple from Iowa, the next I'm watching a woman's baby while she steps off the train for fresh air. All around me people are offering their food, use of dvd players- even money, all to acknowledge that we're all in the same boat, pun or not.

And as annoyed as I was last night about the folk singer who wanted to strum her guitar when I was ready for sleep, I have to admit that it is really cool she wanted to play just for us.

There's a chance I may see my future sister-in-law at a longer stop in Colorado. I look forward to the other possibilities the day might bring.

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