Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another Holiday Party

Oh, holiday party. Just when I thought I'd had enough of you, you sprang another one on me. This time, it was at Bar Toto, my old stomping grounds in Park Slope. My lovely ex-colleague turned wonderful friend, Valerie, invited me as her guest to join the crew as an adopted Totoan. I used to work there ages ago, but that place has long stayed under my skin as one of the top hoody establishments in Brooklyn, as it is for so many Park Slopers.

You can imagine my surprise at the invite, especially considering that my presence at last year's Christmas party turned into me arm wrestling everyone at the bar ... and WWF wrestling some people in the street at the next bar. But then again, maybe that's the exact reason why I was invited back this year.

Here's me and my lovely date, who also happens to be one of the sweetest people on the planet:

Let the wine flow, the lasagna be served, and the party begin!

Note: there are some parties where no dancing is required. This was not one of those parties.

Luckily, the bar was stocked enough for us.

I can vouch that the lasagna was terrific. We all made our mass pilgrimage to our favorite dive bar, Commonwealth, afterwards, but that seems to be the last thing I remembered from the night. And I thought I was on my best behavior after the antics of last year.

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