Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jersey Girl

Wait, have I left New York again? You'd think I had some sort of issue with commitment. This trip, my excuse is dog sitting in Jersey City- not that there's anything wrong with New Jersey, but would have needed a reason or I probably wouldn't have ventured there on my own.

My draw is Max and Stanley, a delightful German Shepherd and yellow lab through the dog walking company I work for. The three of us are hanging out in the lap of luxury in an airy apartment two blocks from the harbor. After an eventful couple months, I'm happy to be focused on a simple weekend of walks, meals, and chasing tennis balls. The guys make great company, even though Stanley hogs the bed.

First thing's first- breakfast. The guys have theirs:

And I have mine. By the way, after being not so great to my body the last couple weeks in California, I'm making strides to be better to myself. Hot cereal is one small step for man, one giant step for me. Let's see how long I can stay disciplined.

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