Monday, December 28, 2009

Back with a Vengeance

Six weeks. That's how long it took for my laid back, West Coast approach to this city to run out. The rosey glasses I've been wearing are off; I'm looking at New York and seeing nothing but glaring flaws. Were all the obstacles and frustrations there all along and I just refused to see them? Are we going to go back to the love-hate relationship we went through pre-California?

It's been one of those days where I'm trying to get a million things accomplished and I'm not sure if I'll get through even one. I'm waiting for trains far longer than usual, and when they finally roll into the station at their own leisurely pace, I get pushed on by the angry mob behind me. Oh, why must bad moods be more contagious than the swine flu? A New York bad mood is probably a whole lot sicker.

On days like this, there is only one thing that can help: junky ice cream. I like to keep really good ice cream pure by eating it when I'm in a decent mood, so I don't associate it with being cranky. So for today, junky it is. I discovered this junkiest of junky ice creams at my local Key Foods. The flavor is called- wait for it- Party Cake.

I know. I would judge me, too. But if you've ever had cake batter ice cream (the flavor, not actually ice cream made of cake batter, or is it?), you will think differently. Think vanilla, with a little more milk and a butter aftertaste. It's fantastic, and for high brow foodies, you can find it at really great homemade ice cream shops. If you don't mind getting a little gritty, then there's always Party Cake.

Even better is that the brand is called Turkey Hill, which is an odd visual for a dairy product. Notice the neon-colored swirls in the bottom photo, reminiscent of the bubble gum ice cream I used to get at the Ice House when I was a kid (I would pick out all the gumballs and save them for later, leaving delightful rainbow swirls).

Keep in mind, the Brooklyn Tart's philosophy is to appreciate food on all levels.

Let's get this party started.

I think I'm feeling better already.


  1. Maybe your Crank butt needs a visit back to Wisconsin. We miss you here and could really use a visit:) Again, loving your blog. Keep it up girl :)

  2. Keep reading, baby! New York is keeping me on my toes- if only there was a Frostie Freeze to comfort me. No blue moon ice cream in sight, so party cake it will have to be.