Sunday, December 20, 2009

Artichokes and Egg Nog

Holiday parties are the best. As if being with great friends isn't enough, there's good music, good food, drinks, and at this time of year, lots and lots of spiked egg nog. I know a lot of people who hate the stuff, but to me, there's nothing better. It's like drinking creme anglaise laced with extra yolks and rum. I can't get enough of it- I even put egg nog in my coffee instead of half and half.

Meet Bob, my friend Coty's wonderful bulldog. I'm his occasional nanny. Bob loves to party, even more than I do.

I tried the soy egg nog, just to be open minded. It wasn't bad, but I'll stick to the real stuff from now on.

Our friend, Sarah, made her delicious secret artichoke dip recipe. I couldn't get her to dish it out, but she did let me know the ingredients:
-artichokes (obviously)
-red and green pepper
Otherwise, I found a pretty good recipe here from Paula Deen.

It took everything for us to keep Bob away. Are there any pet-friendly substitutes for mayonnaise?

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