Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Treating Myself in Tribeca

Dog walking in Tribeca left me in need of a pick-me-up, where I mulled over getting a simple coffee or splurging on something sweet. Guess what won? I went into the Grandaisy Bakery at the edge of SoHo on Sullivan Street. The gal at the counter sold me on a chocolate cookie with cream cheese filling, but it was a tough call when chocolate cookies with Nutella were right next to them.

This bakery is really cool- it's the first place in a long time where I didn't feel stressed ordering a coffee or feel herded through the milk and sugar counter. The staff all seemed delighted to be there and delighted I came in. Check out the rest of the menu, the web page is more interesting than the usual online bakery site.

Grandaisy Bakery has gotten several awards for their breads. As much as I love bread in a conceptual way, it is rare that I get a hankering for it and run out to a store. But I was impressed that they do have a seasonal stracciata (bread with grapes), which I have only had in Italy. That will be the perfect accompaniment to my next cheese party.

At the moment, chocolate is all I need.

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